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Accommodation rules

We are happy to take care of you and your close ones. In order to make your stay as pleasant and safe as possible, please read the following rules.
Accommodation rules
In KLEVER resort

1. General information


KLEVER resort is located at the address: 649240, Altai Republic, Chemal district, Chemal village, Chemal tract 51 km (hereinafter – the Hotel) and is a means of accommodation of citizens (guests) for the purpose of rest, intended for temporary accommodation for a period agreed with the administration while booking and check-in.

In the Hotel and on its territory the only available mobile network is by MegaFon operator. Calls and messages are only possible if you have a MegaFon SIM card installed in your phone. At the reception you can use the phone for free.

2. These Rules establish the order of booking, accommodation and services, and are mandatory for all persons temporarily accommodated and staying at the hotel (hereinafter – the guests).


3.Please note that the Hotel accepts reservations subject to availability. Services can be paid directly at the Hotel, subject to availability (without prior reservation).

4. For booking, the guest is obliged to inform the Hotel administrator of the exact data on the length of stay, the type and number of rooms for accommodation (the required number of beds in the room),information about the persons who will be provided with accommodation and accommodation services, including confirmation of this information with documents at check-in by providing a passport or other document issued in accordance with the established procedure and confirming the identity of guests, as well as for young persons the birth certificates should be presented, foreign persons should present their migration documents (migration card). The guest is responsible for reporting the false data or failure to report the necessary data.

5. In case of advance booking, the Bill paid by the guest for accommodation in the Hotel is a document confirming the reservation and contains information about the number of persons to check-in, the date of their check-in, the date of check-out, the type and number of rooms booked.


6. Check-in at the Hotel is carried out by the hotel administrator upon presentation of the following documents: passport or other document issued in accordance with the established procedure and confirming the identity (authority) of the Guest (guest representative, if the Customer is a legal entity). The administration has the right to require confirmation of payment for the reservation and services upon check-in.

Upon check-in, each guest fills in a Questionnaire, in which the passport and other data of an individual are put on the form, as well as the Consent to receive, store and process personal data by the Hotel are signed in order to fulfill the obligations arising from the provision of accommodation and accommodation services, as well as other additional services that are provided and paid according to the established Price list at the time of their order.

Signing the Questionnaire, each person (legal representative) confirms the accuracy of information about themselves (represented) and consent to the Rules of accommodation.

Also, upon check-in at the request of the administrator, the Guest stands the security for the entire period of stay in the amount provided by the Price list, from which in case of damage to the property of the Hotel, the equivalent amount is deducted.

In case of absence of damage, the amount of security is returned to the Guest at check-out (check-out).

On acceptance of the security amount by the Hotel, the guest is issued a document confirming the receipt of the security, when returning the security, the guest signs the document on the receipt of the security back.

7. When booking in advance, Hotel services are paid in accordance with the price list in force at the time of booking.

In the absence of advance-booking services are paid in accordance with the Price list in force at the time of payment.

Payment for accommodation and additional services is made in rubles in cash.
For stays of no more than one day (24 hours), the fee is charged per day.
Extra bed in the room will be charged according to the Price list.

Children under 5 years old stay free of charge without a separate bed. A carry cot is available free of charge.

8. Registration of accommodation of guests in the room means the consent of all guests checking in with the current Rules of residence. The contract for the provision of accommodation services is considered concluded.

9. Working hours:
The Hotel works twenty-four hours a day
Reception is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The administrator can be contacted by phone 8-923-002-20-25 or through security within 24 hours.

The security post is located in the first house at the Hotel entrance.

Check-out time: noon

Check-in time: from 2p.m. to 6 p.m

At the end of the stay, the guest should pass the room to the administrator.

10. Early check-in and extension of accommodation can be possible with the consent of the Hotel and subject to availability for an additional fee.

In case of early arrival of the guest, but not more than 6 hours earlier, payment of 30% of the price is charged.

From 6 to 12 hours - half day fee is charged.

From 12 to 24 hours - the fee is charged for a full day.

In case of delay of guest's departure after checkout time and no more than 6 hours delay, 30% of the price of accommodation will be charged in accordance with price list.

From 6 to 12 hours after checkout time - the charge is equivalent to half a day price.

From 12 to 24 hours - the fee is charged for a full day.

When a guest arrives late re-calculation of the price of the services is not made and money cannot be returned.
In case of written notification of the Hotel about the delay not later than 1 hour before the time of arrival, guests retain the right to accommodation on the terms specified in the Invoice and to other services, subject to 100 % prepayment of the cost of these services, while the extension of accommodation for the period of delay is not made, the difference in the cost is not compensated.

In the case of absence of 100 % prepayment and notifying the Hotel about the delay in the prescribed time, the right for accommodation is not reserved, guests are considered as refused from the provision of services unilaterally while consequence as permitted by clause 4.7 of the Agreement of paid rendering of services (the public offer).

If the guest of the Hotel notifies about the delay, but there is no 100 % prepayment, guests are provided with accommodation on any free places with the deduction of the fee for any no shows and without paying any compensation and the difference in the cost, in the absence of free places - accommodation is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

11. To shorten the duration of the reservation the guest should notify the administration no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. In the absence of notification, the administration has the right to withhold an amount equal to the cost of the night.

12. Settling in the room, the guest is obliged to examine the room and other property located in the room, guest house (cottage), including furniture and appliances.

13. The absence of claims of the guest means taking at his disposal rooms and other property in satisfying condition and of good quality. If there are claims when taking the room, guest house (cottage) the guest is obliged to immediately inform the administrator, in this case, defective (out of order) property is replaced.


15. At noon local time the room should be completely free.

16. At the end of the agreed period of stay and the time of check-out, the guest is obliged to vacate the room and leave it in good condition. Check-out of the room is made after the inspection of the room by an authorized person from the Hotel, by taking in the keys to the room administrator.

17. The guest is obliged to hand over the equipment, furniture and appliances in their original condition. In case of breakage of furniture, malfunction of equipment, loss of inventory or smashing the dishes the guest is obliged to pay in full according to "Price list for property damage" (at the administrator). Administration reserves the right to keep the cost of the spoiled (damaged) property according to the "Price list for property damage" from the amount of security made upon check-in, in this case, if the amount of security is not enough, the guest is to pay the missing difference no later than the day of check-out (departure).

18. After check-out the guest must leave the Hotel or pay for the stay at the Hotel with the consent of the administration and subject to availability.

19. In the case of absence of the guest after the time for his departure (check-out) from the room, the administration has the right to create a Commission, open the room and make an inventory of the property located in the room. All property left by the guest after the deadline for check-out from the room, is subject to removal from the room, the guest is responsible for the property on their own. The administration can take responsibility of material values in the form of cash, precious metals, valuable documents, but this is not a mandatory obligation of the administration. In this case, these items must be stored for 30 (thirty) days, after which they can be transferred to the police.

Cars on the Hotel area:

21. Parking cars is made in strictly designated areas in agreement with the hotel administrator.

Hotel Services:

22. During the stay, the Hotel provides guests with the following services included in the cost of accommodation:

- room cleaning: daily or by prior request to the administrator.

- change of bed linen and towels: once in 5 days or upon prior request to the administrator.

- services for the use of an outdoor Playground on the Hotel territory;

- garbage collection services, cleaning services and hotel territory maintenance;

- services for the provision of places to park cars;

- cleaning services and maintenance of public circulations

- provision of available literature (books, magazines).

- provision of first aid kit;

- assistance in calling a taxi, ambulance (providing information about telephone numbers);

- provision of hotel lighting, protection of the hotel, electricity and, water supply; the Hotel is not responsible for an emergency power outage (and as a consequence – water supply and heating).

23. Other additional services can be provided by the Hotel for an additional fee at the request of the guest in accordance with the list of services and prices for additional services according to the Price list valid at the time of arrival (sports equipment rent, bath services and others).

Provision of all types of additional services is carried out after full payment to the administrator.

some services are ordered at least 12 hours prior to the provision. Check with the administrator.

24. The guest staying at the Hotel is to:

- observe the established order of residence, observe cleanliness, silence and public order in the room and on the territory of the Hotel;

At the guest's request unauthorized persons can stay at the Hotel from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., subject to registration with the administrator on the basis of an identity document.

- observe fire safety rules, established order of residence, cleanliness (as per Addendum No 1 to the present rules);

- observe the rules of safe rest (addendum No. 2 to the present rules);

- close the water taps, windows, turn off the lights, TV, when leaving the room;

- close the front door with a key, leaving the room; any faults (plumbing, electrical equipment, etc.) must be immediately reported to the administrator.

- indemnify the Hotel in case of loss, damage or damage to property. The assessment of the damage is made on the basis of the "Price List for Damage (Loss) of Property", which is at the administrator. If the name of the property is not mentioned in the price list , then-in accordance with the market prices in force at the time of compensation for damage.

- pay timely and fully for all additional services provided by the Hotel.

The hotel has quiet hours from 11 p.m. till 9 a.m.

In order to ensure the order and safety of guests, it is prohibited:

to disturb other guests from 11 p.m. till 9 a.m..;

to leave unauthorized people in the room in your absence

25) It is strictly prohibited in the Hotel:

1) to smoke cigarettes, hookahs, vapes, e-cigarettes in rooms and other non-smoking areas;
There are designated Smoking areas outside.

2) to drink alcoholic beverages in public places;

3) keep animals (birds, reptiles) in the room;

4) use heating appliances if they are not provided in the room;

5) cooking in the rooms is prohibited;

6) disturb guests staying in nearby rooms;

7) launch fireworks, light fires and burn rubbish on site;

8) store flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury; bulky things, explosive, toxic, narcotic materials and substances; use narcotic substances.

9) use incense, oils and other aromatics in the rooms and common areas;

10) use candles, sparklers, firecrackers in rooms and common areas;

11) take the towels, blankets and other property belonging to the Hotel outside.

12) rearrange or take out of the room furniture, bedding.

13) establish tents or awnings without preliminary approval with administration.

14) drive onto the lawns by car.

The Guest takes note and does not object to the use of videosurveillance systems on-site (parking, the area around the buildings for guests).

26. The hotel is not responsible:

- for work of municipal services, including for emergency and other power outage and as a result of water supply and heating;

- for violation of terms of rendering services and (or) for shortcomings of the rendered services if such violation or shortcomings arose due to fault of the guest and (or) owing to force majeure.

- for the things left by guests, sports equipment on the territory of the Hotel and near the rooms or for the safety of property left in public places (on the porch of the house, at the bath, etc.);

- owing to the loss, loss of guests money, other currency values, securities and other precious things during the stay at the Hotel;

- for the loss of other valuables of the guest in the room, in case of violation of the order of residence; in case of detection of loss of personal belongings from the room, the guest must immediately notify the administration.

- for any independent changes of the hotel accommodation conditions by the guests, resulting in additional costs;

- in case of early arrival of the guest to the Hotel;

- for the life, safety and health of minors during their stay at the Hotel (legal representatives of minors bear such responsibility);

- for possible inaccuracies made in brochures, booklets and other literature and sources that are made without its participation and are used as auxiliary information materials;

- for hospitalization of the guest, the Hotel doesn't bear the costs of such hospitalization as well.

27. The Administration reserves the right to:

- call the police in case of violation of public order and rules of residence, as well as terminate the service agreement unilaterally without compensation for the cost of paid services, and collect a fine from the offender in the amount of 30 000 rubles.;

- the right to refuse extension of stay in case of violation of hotel policies, late payment of services or causing material damage to the Hotel by a guest;

- limit the use of premises in cases of fire alarm, smoke, fire, flooding, and in case of violation of the Hotel policies, public order, the order of use of appliances by the guest or guest's absence after the deadline for check-out.

The administration reserves the right to visit the room without the consent of the guest in case of accidents, smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation of the present rules of accommodation, public order, the order of use of household appliances.

28. In case of complaints from the guest, the administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict, provided by law.

29. Book of comments and suggestions is at the reception and is given upon request of the guest.

30. In cases not covered by the present rules, the Hotel and hotel guests are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


Regulation of fire safety
1. It is forbidden to use open fire in the room.

2. There is no smoking allowed:
- anywhere on the Hotel premises,
- on the terraces and balconies of all the houses of the Hotel.
Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. When smoking, please do not throw the unextinguished cigarettes in the urn-ashtray.

3. It is forbidden to store flammable, easily ignitable, combustible, highly explosive materials in the rooms.

4. Leaving the room, do not forget to turn off the electrical appliances.

5. It is forbidden to make fires, kindle barbecues on site, except for specially equipped places.

6. It is forbidden to move the barbecues on the territory of the Hotel.

7. It is forbidden to use fireworks, firecrackers on site without permission of the administration.

8. It is forbidden to use candles, sparklers in all areas of the Hotel.

9. It is forbidden to leave matches, lighters in places accessible to children.

10. The Use of the fireplace in the Cottage is only possible for guests staying in the Cottage.

When using the fireplace, it is prohibited to:
- leave the fireplace door open,
- adjust the damper in the fireplace,
- leave children unattended with a lit fireplace,
- allow children to light the fireplace.

11. Please immediately notify the administrator about malfunctions of electrical equipment or fireplace.

12. In case of fire, leave the room immediately and report the fire to the administration or security officer.
Rules of safe rest
1. Do not leave children unattended on site.

2. Do not drink tap water or water from natural sources. Use only boiled or bottled water to drink.

3. Do not use wild herbs, mushrooms, berries for food.

4. Avoid contact with unknown domestic and wild animals, birds.

5. Avoid walking on rocky scree and in tall grass, because of the danger of snake bites.

6. While walking along the banks of the river Katun keep the rules of conduct at the ponds.
Swimming in the river is prohibited.

7. To avoid tick bites inspect yourselves thoroughly after walk. In case of tick bite, seek medical attention immediately.

8. Observe safety precautions on excursions.
Katun river coast in winter, KLEVER resort
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